urban farm update: september 2011
... which we are now using for our pathways. Love re-use, re-purpose! Examples of our urban farm urban farm update: september 2011 farm
meet our chickens.
farm !). Two of the chickens---Fleur and Megs---came later to our little farm, which means they are 1-2 batches from a local farm (which also accidentally gave us a rooster---too bad we couldn't keep it chickens before us; grandpa grew up on a farm where they had a plethora of chickens. And incidentally: I one. Update: the chickens moved onto our farm in June. They are still growing to maturity; we expect
Urban Farming not-so-fun moment: butchering urban hens
Urban Farming not-so-fun moment: butchering urban hens farm farmer means I press myself to be comfortable fabricating animals. As a micro farmer, I see my girls as farms. So I am increasingly, literally taking it into my own hands. But this part---culling my own cull his chickens (Joshua, co-author of the Urban Farm Handbook) b/c I knew it was important to meat and/or knowing the farmer who raised my meat. When I consume meat, I like to know what that into the freezer, I am familiar with the who/what/when/where/why of that portion of meat (if not from me, then from a nearby farmer). I like that.
Urban Farm Handbook. (giveaway)
start raising rabbits for dinner. But Urban Farm Handbook does introduce you to these concepts---these farm opportunities---to take steps toward urban farming and sustainability. I personally love the idea find farm updates here or check out farm photos). I actually stopped by Portage Bay Grange to peek at Urban Farm Handbook. (giveaway) our 'Burke Avenue Farm' (no website yet: remember, I am folding in one thing at a time! For now I knew I wanted to get my hands on this book, just from the title: Urban Farm Handbook. I have urban farm urban farm handbook
DIY home & farm projects
all of my farm-sourced meat and bulk-buy produce: think half a pig, chickens and rabbits from my farm bonafide stand-up freezer, a bastion for all my food crafts and farm purchases. Forget buying frozen what any sane urban farmer and wannabe homesteader would do: I spray-painted it silver, then painted DIY home & farm projects friend's farm, too many plums, hoards of blackberries and an eighth of a grass-fed cow. But instead of
my Seattle urban farm March update
seattle urban farm "Best & Worst of today?" This has become a frequent information extractor at our best to include an urban farming moment: pride in well-developed compost spread over raised beds, a farm for a long walk or an impromptu hug. seattle urban farm @talkoftomatoes - 1 It isn't uncommon for my our Seattle urban farm: Why did the chicken cross the road? To become part of our flock. A neighbor seattle urban farm . Having Cinny join our flock is a easily a 'best' (see Cinny, below). seattle urban farm my Seattle urban farm March update
urban farm & house remodel (update dec 2011; Part 1)
the yard. We aimed to build an urban farm and the more dirt we found to play in: the better. We farm little plot into a cozy home and urban farm. Last summer (2010) when we were house-hunting in Seattle urban farm & house remodel (update dec 2011; Part 1) asleep, and the chickens are finally warm in their roost. Want to see more pics? Check out the Urban Farm Album. giddily found and bought our city plot of land, with plenty of dirt for crops, farm animals and a
Quillisascut Farm School (Washington)
Quillisascut farm school I had a bad case of farm school envy. Chefs and food bloggers, foodie friends and urban farmers I know have gone to Quillisascut Farm School (Rice, Washington). Owners Lora farm school farm farming, cooking and eating. Quillisascut farm school A few times I had made plans to attend - then had to ) for opening their home and farm to those interested in walking down the path of sustainable Quillisascut farm school and becoming a compost bin whiz. Quillisascut farm school - 091 I was determined to drive to the Quillisascut-farm-school-010-1.jpg Quillisascut Farm School (Washington)
visiting raisin ranches in Fresno, CA
components of food and farm trips; check out my raisin albums on flickr and facebook. It isn't hard to be farm
Oregon Lavender Farms
over farms and barns, and long to 'just stop in.' Yet I rarely take the time to track farm Oregon Lavender Farms farms farm fact there are many farms and designated farm loops that highlight farms that are open year-round lavender farms oregon farm loops to the general public. Many of these farms include tiny retail shops or farm stands, and some include mountainside lavender farm farm loops festivals and farm loops, to finally plot farms-I-can-visit on a map. Fortunately, there are some farm loops , and to meet lavender farmers. (Check out my lavender photo album). So often on road trips I salivate
Rosse Posse Elk Farm (Molalla, Oregon)
about 70 head of elk on 52 acres. rosse posse elk farm @talkoftomatoes - 34 My son Anthony and I health, personality and genetics. brenda rosse posse rosse posse elk farm @talkoftomatoes - 28 *My farm Rosse Posse Elk Farm (Molalla, Oregon) is my goal to learn to shoot a compound bow this year. rosse posse elk farm @talkoftomatoes - 46 the Molalla Farm Loop just south and southeast of Portland, Oregon. Fortunately for me, that included molalla farm loop rosse posse farm , breeding and history. elks @talkoftomatoes I had the distinct pleasure of visiting ranches and farms on
Oregon's Washington County
while I ogled the map for local farms. We never regret a couple day adventure: it is always brimming farm @talkoftomatoes Mountainside Lavender Farm - met Lori and sipped lavender lemonade: we highly , Oregon. The Washington County Tour Board* was kind enough to invite my farm-loving blog and food . berrry barn @talkoftomatoes Smith Berry Barn - we chatted with first generation farmer Rich Hildner a solid soak in the soaking pool. Also in Forest Grove: we enjoyed a memorable evening meal at farm
preserving: spicy red pepper jelly
urban farm update: february 2012
urban farm update: february 2012 farm update without mentioning our 'girls.' The chickens are doing fabulously. They love their coop farm my farmer mentality. For example: I planted carrots. It is recommended you plant them every few should keep me on track. Sowing and tilling aside. We have work to do on the farm that goes beyond mere urban farm
preserving: yellow tomato jam... because I can!
shelves. Because I am in the midst of home renovations, building our urban farm (right now: our farm farmer markets); these homegrown little gems---all jammed up---will be a welcome addition to my pantry
preserving: green tea nectarine jam.
cherry streusel coffee cake recipe (and ruminations of a morning on the farm)
farm I imagine the farmhouse full of early morning hustle and bustle. Up at the crack of dawn, out in cherry streusel coffee cake recipe (and ruminations of a morning on the farm) the barn with a pitchfork, boots with crusted mud from the day before*. If I were that farmer, I heat is trapped and staring at the outside early morning chill. I like to be warm. If I had a farm farm chores and inside the equally bustling kitchen---laced apron pulled tight and hair tossed only an inch from my right stride. Dew covers the whole picture, and I am there to watch the farm
urban farm update: august 2011
urban farm update: august 2011 farm urban farm
urban farm update: May/June 2012
farm. The boys, James and I love to stop by estate sales and antique stores---especially in rural I almost feel like writing a book titled: Tales from a First Year Farmer. How else can I explain farm if I tried. Farming isn't like cramming for a test, it's more of a learn as you go experience. I do a farmer (and a bit of a kick-ass spirit + devotion when it comes to killing all manner of pests and urban farm update: May/June 2012 and grill it until another season or two. I am beginning to appreciate the ebb and flow of farming
urban farm update: April 2012
urban farm. It sends happy chills up my spine when I pull on boots and romp through my own dirt farm -wintering business. I am in the thick of an urban-farming learning curve in my own little micro-climate urban farm update: April 2012 urban farm doubt made an impression. I romped in puddles, played in dirt, fed slop to pigs and shoveled farm
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